I am Nivy, a full time mommy and the founder of uBaby. So you can say that I have 2 kids, the one you see in the picture and the one that you are browsing right now.

In 2016, I achieved the most prestigious ‘mommy’ status and with it, came a lot of responsibility. As every other mom, I wanted to do the best for my baby which also meant spending hours on the internet looking for the most comfortable diaper, the safest crib, the best feeding bottle and so on. and with that, came the idea of uBaby.

We know that there are so many ‘am - az - (on)ing’ sites out there for you to buy everything for your baby but we created uBaby with the intention of helping you discover products and services that you sometimes really want to find and use but have no idea about their existence. Here at uBaby, you can find all those new, cool and innovative products for babies and new parents that you might not find at your regular stores. Our hope is to give you a platform that helps you find those products and services that hopefully make your parenting gig a tad easier.



About uBaby

uBaby helps parents navigate through the challenges of having and raising children in modern times. We focus on helping parents by providing products and services that help relieve feelings of overwhelment that parents often feel when raising kids, running their households and balancing the demands of their work and personal lives. uBaby was founded by Nivy Bawa and Dave Linhardt and is owned by InsightStudios.co, a startup studio in Seattle.